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72 photographs of 63 species (November 2009)

Everyone has to start somewhere! With 40% of traffic to this site originating from outside of the British Isles, there is obviously scope for photographs of non-British species to be included here and will hopefully be of use to someone. As I trap in France every year, and have photos from other parts of Europe, including the Balkans, it provides me with an opportunity to make publicly available material that would otherwise lie hidden on my hard drive! This will be an ongoing project that will run as a sideline to the main site.

The pages are laid out using the coding and systematic order adopted by Karsholt and Razowski in The Lepidoptera of Europe, 1996.


Tineidae to Tortricidae

Alucitinae to Crambidae

Lasiocampidae to Notodontidae

Noctuidae to Arctiidae