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Identification and photography resource sites

UK Moths
The online guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland. The ultimate aim of this site is to illustrate as many species of British moths as possible. Currently 2065 of these are featured, out of 2400 recorded on the British list.

Jeff Higgott's UK Lepidoptera
Jeff's online image collection of over 950 species, of which over 740 have been recorded in his Suffolk garden. A comprehensive online image resource.

British Leaf Mining Fauna
This excellent resource is the result of an on-going project, set up to photograph and record all the leaf mining fauna which occur in Britain.

UK Fly Mines
Another excellent site that complements the website above, with comprehensive coverage of the British leaf mining fauna - not just fly mines as the name suggests

Other resources

Moths Count
Moths Count aims to encourage interest in moths throughout the UK and to establish an ongoing National Moth Recording Scheme to improve knowledge and conservation of the 900+ species of larger moths.


Butterfly Conservation - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch
Dedicated to the conservation of butterflies and moths. Information about membership, events, sightings and news.

Garden Moth Scheme (GMS)
GMS encourages an interest in studying moths in gardens and in particular runs a monitoring scheme to plot the fortunes of common garden moths. In this way it helps measure the health of wildlife in our gardens and wider countryside.

Global Lepidoptera Names Index
LepIndex is a computerised and updated version of the Natural History Museum's (NHM) card index archive to the scientific names of the living and fossil butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) of the world. When LepIndex is fully operational it will be the only comprehensive global catalogue of lepidoptera names; it will enable anyone with access to the Internet to quickly find information such as who named a butterfly or moth species and where the original description was published.

County Moth Groups

Berkshire Moth Group
The Berkshire Moth Group was set up to encourage the recording and appreciation of moths in Berkshire .

Cornwall Moth Group
Latest news and information on the Cornish moth scene.

Dorset Moth Group
A relaunched site for our neighbouring county who's stated purpose is "to bring together all those interested in moths in Dorset, and to promote the importance of moths as an indicator of bio-diversity and habitat health." Contains latest news, photos and details of events.

Hertfordshire Moth Group
The Herts Moth Group is a voluntary group, of both professionals and amateurs, all of whom have an interest in moths in the county of Hertfordshire.

Leicestershire and Rutland Moth Group
The site is an image archive of moths trapped or found in Leicestershire and Rutland (VC55). Contains a wide range of excellent photographs of many species which are also found in Hampshire.

Norfolk Moth Group
Developed in association with the The Norfolk Moth Survey as a reference guide and photo archive for the moths of Norfolk. A well executed and feature rich site with interactive maps.

Northamptonshire Moth Group
Set up to raise the profile and promote the recording of moths in Northamptonshire, it includes photographs, maps and profiles of most of the macro moths recorded in the county.

Somerset Moth Group
The home of the Somerset Moth Group, a website all about the moths of Somerset, UK. It was formed in 1989 by a band of local enthusiasts and recently made more formal with a constitution and member subscriptions.

The home of the Suffolk Moth Group, and this site provides an online guide to the moths of the county that can be viewed here. Also includes a flight-time guide and a testing online photographic quiz!

Moth sites from abroad

Lepiforum: Bestimmung von Schmetterlingen
An excellent resource of images and information (in German) for central continental Europe

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
Another excellent site, covering most of Europe - macros only, but including pyralids

Lot Moths and Butterflies -
Species recorded in and around Las Descargues, the Lot, France. This is a lovely location, owned by Robin Howard, and the gite is available for rent.