Main: (Nepticulidae / Nepticulinae)
04.051 [B&F: 0059] Stigmella poterii (Stainton, 1857)


Notes: Nationally scarce (Nb) on chalk and limestone districts throughout much of south-eastern England, and in Cumbria and Lancashire. in Hampshire recorded only from a narrow band between Leckford and St Catherine's Hill, and at Noar Hill and Emer Bog; on the Isle of Wight, recorded in recent years just once, at Tennyson Down. Wingspan 3.5-5 mm. Adults difficult to distinguish from other Stigmella species, and more frequently recorded in the larval stage, when mines are relatively easy to find where they are present. Larva mines leaves of Salad Burnet, over-wintering as a pupa. In Scotland, f. tengstroemi occurs on damp moorland, where the larva mines Cloudberry and Stone Bramble. Throughout the species' range, f. serella, the larva of which mines Tormentil and which was previously afforded specific status, occurs.

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Broughton Down11209/09/2011Mine
Emer Bog NR11028/09/2006Mine
Hook Common1201973Larval
Leckford12104/10/1972Mine (vacated)
Leckford12005/09/1973Mine (vacated)
Leckford12017/09/1987Mine (vacated)
Leckford12013/10/1990Mine (vacated)
Noar Hill12109/1999Larval
St Catherine's Hill 11011/10/2007Mine
St Catherine's Hill 11024/09/2003Mine
Teg Down11016/10/1990Mine
Teg Down11029/09/1991Mine
Teg Down, Winchester11214/09/1991Mine (vacated)
Tennyson Down, IoW10028/10/1984Not recorded
Yew Hill BC Reserve11108/1997Not recorded
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