Main: (Nepticulidae / Nepticulinae)
04.008 [B&F: 0114] Stigmella glutinosae (Stainton, 1858)


Notes: Local in southern and central Britain. in damp woodland and marshes, and on river-banks. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight thinly scattered in the south of the county, such as at Roydon Woods HWT reserve, and on the Island, but very rare in the north of the county. Adults difficult to distinguish from other Stigmella species, and more frequently recorded in the larval stage, when mines are relatively easy to find where they are present. Wingspan 4.4-5.2 mm. Larva mines leaves of Alder, over-wintering as a pupa. The mines, which are similar to those of S. alnetella, are described in the following link:

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Detail records

Brading, dismantled railway line10013/10/2005Larval
Rotherwick12012/10/2017Mine (vacated)
Emer Bog NR11027/10/1991Mine
Fleet Pond12107/10/1997Larval
Fleet Pond12107/10/1997Larval
Fort Victoria Country Park10019/08/2010Mine
Freshwater, dismantled railway line10014/10/2005Larval
Portsmouth11004/11/2013Mine (vacated)
Holmsley old railway line11023/09/2003Larval
Hook: College Copse12027/10/2015Mine (vacated)
Hookheath Meadows NR, Southwick11017/10/1992Mine
Hurst Stake10006/11/1996Mine (vacated)
Hurst Stake, IoW10003/12/2004Mine (vacated)
Kites Croft11114/10/2001Mine (vacated)
Liss12015/11/2001Mine (vacated)
Liss12015/11/2001Mine (vacated)
Lower Titchfield Haven NR11023/10/1993Mine (vacated)
Matley Bog11006/09/1982Mine (vacated)
Newport10023/10/2010Mine (vacated)
Pamber Forest and Upper Inhams Copse12015/09/2017Mine (vacated)
Parkhurst Forest10003/10/1995Mine
River Medina, Shide to Blackwater10026/09/1994Not recorded
Southampton Common SSSI1101983Not recorded
Southampton 11023/10/2013Mine
The Moors NR11014/10/2003Mine
The Moors NR, Bishop's Waltham11014/10/2003Mine (vacated)
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