Main: (Zygaenidae / Zygaeninae)
54.007 [B&F: 0168] New Forest Burnet (Zygaena viciae) ([Denis & Schifferm├╝ller], 1775)


Notes: Subspecies ytenensis formerly abundant in Hampshire in the New Forest up until the early years of the 20th Century, where it frequented woodland rides and clearings, but now extinct in England, possibly through over-collecting. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight. Subspecies argyllensis confined in Britain to one or two cliff ledges at one site in western Argyll, where first discovered in 1963, protected under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act, a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Wingspan 21-31 mm. Day-flying. Larva feeds on Bird's-foot Trefoil and Meadow Vetchling.

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Detail records

1-km square SU23041101800Not recorded
1-km square SU28111101800Not recorded
1-km square SU31041101800Not recorded
1-km square SU31061101800Not recorded
1-km square SU32031101800Not recorded
1-km square SU33061101800Not recorded
1-km square SU33071101800Not recorded
1-km square SU34041101800Not recorded
Denny Bog1101872Not recorded
Denny Bog1101872Not recorded
Matley Bog1101872Not recorded
Minstead1101872Not recorded
New Copse1101872Not recorded
New Forest1101899Not recorded
New Forest1101897Not recorded
New Forest1101872Not recorded
Parkhill Inclosure1101872Not recorded
Perrywood Hazeley Inclosure1101872Not recorded
Ramnor Inclosure1101872Not recorded
Stubby Copse (Denny side)1101872Not recorded
Stubby Copse Inclosure1101872Not recorded
Woodfidley1101920Not recorded
Woodfidley1101872Not recorded
Woodfidley1101927Not recorded
Woodfidley (SSSI)1101927Not recorded
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