Main: (Oecophoridae / Oecophorinae)
28.028 [B&F: 0656a] Barea asbolaea (Meyrick, 1884)


Notes: Naturalised through accidental introduction in garden plants, south-western England. In 2006, a moth trap operated at a garden near Buryas Bridge, Cornwall, revealed an unfamiliar Oecophoridae species that was quite unfamiliar. The moth remained a mystery for some while, but in 2008 large numbers were caught in a Penzance trap and small numbers were also caught at Crows an Wra, four miles to the west. With the help of a number of experts in Britain and abroad, identification via dissection was confirmed. Subsequently a photograph has been traced of the moth in 2004; this appears to be the earliest recorded example. It has been recorded in some numbers at the original site annually since. The particular origins of British specimens may be a local garden and nursery where antipodean plants have been imported since the late 1800s.

In July 2014 Iain Outlaw trapped a mystery oecophorid in Parkhurst Forest, Isle of Wight. In order to confirm the species it was necessary to gen. det. a male specimen to compare with the reference specimen in BMNH; however, all examples retained each year were female, until finally in July 2017 two males were collected and proved to be this species. It seems to be well established in the area, and has possibly only recently arrived, with 2014 seeing one, 2015 two, 2016 five and a big jump to 26 in 2017.

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Parkhurst Forest10107/08/2015Adult
Parkhurst Forest North10109/07/2015Adult
Parkhurst Forest North10530/06/2016Adult
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