Main: (Blastobasidae / Blastobasinae)
41.0041 [B&F: 0873b] Blastobasis maroccanella Amsel, 1952


Notes: Identified by John Langmaid from well over 100 B. adustella and ten B. vittata during the course of 2013 from his Southsea, Hampshire trap. Two, caught in July and November, proved to be B. maroccanella. The species is similar to a small, dark, indistinctly marked adustella or vittata; it is variable in size and markings, with a wingspan of 10-17mm. Records will need to be dissected to be acceptable. The type series were bred from grapes, pea pods and decaying wood, so it is remarkably polyphasgous. Known from Madeira, the Azores, Morocco, and the Iberian peninsula, and widely distributed throughout Macaronesia and the western Mediterranean. Has also been introduced to California, USA.

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