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49.102 [B&F: 0926a] Phalonidia udana (Guenée, 1845)


Notes: In Zootaxa 3318: 1-25, Mutanen et al revealed that the widespread P. manniana was a mixture of two species, with the present species being separated out on DNA barcoding.

The two species are very similar, udana usually being slightly larger and lacking the fuscous suffusion on the costa and also the darkening of the veins in the apical part of the forewing. It should be a larger, brighter species but on dissection of suitable specimens, it appears that the results have been a mixture of manniana and udana, indicating that the two are to all intents and purposes not reliably recordable from external characteristics, and therefore genitalic dissection will be required to substantiate any claimed records.

Since the separation of the two species was published, P. udana has been confirmed from Suffolk and West Sussex. In our area, there have been no confirmed records to date.

P. manniana is believed to feed on water mint and gypsywort whereas the present species is thought to feed on loosestrife. Both will therefore occur in the same habitat and have the same flight period.

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