Main: (Tortricidae / Olethreutinae)
49.293 [B&F: 1180] Notocelia tetragonana (Stephens, 1834)


Notes: Nationally scarce (Na) in woodland and scrubland in parts of Britain and western Ireland. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight there are a few records from the first half of the 20th Century, but nothing has been heard of the species since. Wingspan 13-16 mm. The comparatively short forewing and its dark fuscous mixed with blue-grey general coloration and sharply contrasting cream-white medio-dorsal blotch are characteristic [Bradley]. Larva feeds on Wild Rose, living within a spun or rolled leaf.

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Detail records

Baddesley Great Covert11022/06/1936Adult
Baddesley Great Covert11016/06/1936Adult
Baddesley Great Covert11001/06/1935Adult
Brockenhurst1101900Not recorded
Freshwater1001850Not recorded
Lyndhurst1101900Not recorded
Ramnor Inclosure1101900Not recorded
Woodfidley1101900Not recorded
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