Main: (Crambidae / Pyraustinae)
63.015 [B&F: 1371] Sitochroa verticalis (Linnaeus, 1758)


Notes: Local in farmland and rough grassland throughout much of southern England, also appearing as a migrant from mainland Europe in some years, reinforcing the native population. In Hampshire and Isle of Wight once widespread, but now thought to have been lost from the county. In the past 50 years there have been only four records (as at 2017): on Hayling in 1971, Sherborne St John 2005 and in North End, Portsmouth in 2015 (the report of one in Southsea in 1981, in Goater and Norriss, 2001, is in error). The worn specimen at Sherborne St John in deepest North Hampshire might hold out some hope that a remnant population may exist at a very low level. Wingspan 30-34 mm. The main confusion species is European Corn Borer Ostrinia nubilalis, from which distinguished by the strongly and characteristically marked underside. Larva feeds on various herbaceous plants, including Thistle, Goosefoot, Nettle, Knapweed, Cornflower and Violet.

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Sherborne St John12108/07/2005Adult
1-km square SU28111101951Not recorded
1-km square SU41291101951Not recorded
1-km square SU42501201951Not recorded
1-km square SU51321201951Not recorded
1-km square SU51421201951Not recorded
1-km square SU51541201951Not recorded
1-km square SU58351201951Not recorded
1-km square SU59321201951Not recorded
1-km square SU74331201981Not recorded
1-km square SZ65981101981Not recorded
Leckford1201945Not recorded
St. Helens (74)1001856Adult
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