Main: (Pyralidae / Phycitinae)
62.041 [B&F: 1459] Eurhodope cirrigerella (Zincken, 1818)


Notes: Extinct in the British Isles, formerly on chalk downland in southern England. In Hampshire last recorded near Martyr Worthy in 1960, the last British record, and regular up to 1946 at Farley Mount. Not recorded form the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 19-22 mm. Although this species resembles no other phycitid, it could perhaps be overlooked among downland crambids; its behaviour, however, is quite different, flying off with a characteristic buzzing flight when disturbed during the day [Goater]. Larva feeds on flowers of Field Scabious and Small Scabious, no evidence of breeding in the UK.

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Detail records

1-km square SU41291101800Not recorded
1-km square SU51321201951Not recorded
Farley Mount11814/07/1936Adult
Farley Mount11120/07/1927Adult
Farley Mount11415/07/1936Adult
Farley Mount11411/07/1936Adult
Farley Mount111808/07/1936Adult
Farley Mount111805/07/1936Adult
Farley Mount11007/08/1935Larval
Farley Mount114001/08/1935Larval
Farley Mount11008/1945Larval
Farley Mount11408/1946Larval
Martyr Worthy1201960Adult
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