Main: (Pterophoridae / Pterophorinae)
45.015 [B&F: 1508d] Scarce Plume (Stenoptilia inopinata) Bigot & Picard, 2002


Notes: Many of the continental Stenoptilia sp. are very similar externally and in genitalic details, making them exceedingly difficult to separate with confidence. Part of a species complex, the present taxon has been determined to reach our shores on occasions (Colin Hart, British Plume Moths 2011), and has been added to the British list by examing specimens from within existing collections, with records from Dorset (1899), West Sussex (pre-1919), Westerness, Scotland (pre-1919), Plymouth, Devon (1990), East Grinstead, East Sussex (1994) and Prawle Point, Devon (1996).

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