Appendix A: (Hesperiidae / Pyrginae)
57.0021 [B&F: 1535] Oberthür's Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus armoricanus) (Oberthür, 1910)


Notes: Sometime during the 1870s, the Rev T.H.Marsh took a number of specimens of what he thought at the time were P. malvae Grizzled Skipper, in a damp valley bordering a wood at the end of May or early in June, in the district of Cawston, Norfolk. The error was discovered by C.G. Barrett in the late 1880s when looking through Marsh's collection. All were taken in one year. Searches by Barrett and Marsh in 1892 found no trace of the insect, and while the veracity of the specimens isn't doubted, migration is unlikely with multiple individuals found in one small location, and it has to be a strong possiblity that the adult butterflies originated from stock introduced with garden plants.

A local species in flower meadows, south-facing hillsides and grassy slopes throughout much of mainland Europe. Wingspan 30 mm. Larva feeds on Common Rock-rose, Creeping Cinquefoil and Wild Strawberry.

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