Main: (Erebidae / Lymantriinae)
72.008 [B&F: 2032] Black V Moth (Arctornis l-nigrum) (Müller, 1764)


Notes: Rare immigrant from mainland Europe, with four records (excluding a few rather vague 19th Century records, and records associated with a breeding population that was present in VC18 from 1947 to 1960). The four primary immigrant records all occurred during July from VC19 in 1904, VC13 in 1946, VC16 in 2006 and the first in our area, from the Totland, Wight on 4 July 2015. Wingspan 52-56 mm. Forewing with a very prominent black V-shaped mark at end of cell (MBGBI Vol 9). Larva feeds on English Elm and Wych Elm.

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