Appendix A: (Erebidae / Arctiinae)
72.0253 [B&F: 2074a] Banana Stowaway (Antichloris eriphia) (Fabricius, [1777])


Notes: Recorded infrequently through accidental importation in bananas from Central and South America; one was found on a bunch of bananas from Costa Rica purchased from a supermarket in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in December 2003. It is necessary to breed any larvae found on imported bananas to correctly identify Antichloris sp. and previous records of adults of this genus in the two counties have proved to be 2073 A. viridis on examination, until one turned up in a bunch of bananas bought from the Morrisons supermarket in Lake, Isle of Wight in 2006 (conf. Martin Honey BMNH). The larva causes commercially important damage to Banana in its native range.

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