Main: (Noctuidae / Aediinae)
73.0301 [B&F: 2464b] Druid (Aedia funesta) (Esper, 1786)


Notes: Occurs through central and southern Europe to the Balkans and southern Russia, and in Asia Minor to Iran. In Britain it was first recorded in Kingsdown, Kent on 13/6/2014, since which there have been annual arrivals in 2015 (3), 2016 (3) & 2017 (4), two of which were in Hampshire, in 2015 and 2016.

Wingspan 34-40 mm. Distinguished from the superficially similar Alchymist Catephria alchymista by its generally smaller size, browner forewing tone and whitish patch in the discal area of the forewing, and from the closely related Sorcerer Aedia leucomelas by the presence of a white costal crescent.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Sandy Point25/07/20161Adult
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